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Be a lifeliner and leave a legacy to WIZOUK.

Leave a legacy to WIZOUK to secure the future of Israel’s vulnerable citizens. WIZO supports and cares for Israel’s most disadvantaged families. WIZO operates 800 dynamic social welfare and educational projects which respond to the challenges that arise daily and through all life stages. WIZO supports and cares for individuals regardless of race or religion. With WIZO’s help Israel’s disadvantaged of today will become secure fully contributing citizens of tomorrow.

Over 14,500 babies and young children attend 175 day care centres across Israel.  Children suffering neglect and abuse are cared for in our multi-purpose day care centres. Many have been removed from their families through court orders. These children are protected in WIZO centres and given love and attention crucial to their recovery.

Disadvantaged teenagers attend vocational day care centres where they learn key skills including carpentry, cookery and hairdressing to help them become self-sufficient and independent adults.

Women and children suffering domestic violence are cared for in specialist shelters. Here they are provided with therapies and legal advice to help them rebuild their lives.

These are just a few examples of the leading work that WIZO carries out. The demand for our services is increasing daily. A gift in your Will is so vital, enabling us to continue the proud heritage of WIZO’s work first started over 90 years ago.

To find out more about becoming a lifeliner and leaving a legacy to WIZOUK please contact Melissa Davis 020 7319 9169 


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