WIZO's Goals

WIZO’s 800 centres in Israel provide services and programmes for disadvantaged and vulnerable Israeli citizens at every stage of life. From babies and toddlers to children, young people and senior citizens.

Poverty in Israel

Thousands of Israeli families struggle daily to put enough food on the table for their children. One in three children in Israel live below the poverty line. Many of these families rely on WIZO providing hot nutritious meals at its day care centres, schools and youth villages throughout the country.

Children at risk

WIZO provides love to an increasing number of children at risk who attend day care centres. Here they are sheltered from abuse and violence and are guaranteed safety. WIZO operates a number of transition homes and secure residential facilities for children at risk from new born up to aged 18.


WIZO provides shelters for a growing number of abused women and children. With access to legal services, therapy and skills training they can provide a better future for their children and families.

Immigrant Absorption

WIZO is an acknowledged world leader in immigrant absorption programmes, helping thousands of immigrants successfully settle into Israeli society. WIZO delivers leading initiatives on education, finance and social integration.

Day Care Centres

WIZO provides an infrastructure to support mothers returning to work. WIZO has a network of day care facilities which offer love, protections therapy and support to these families

WIZO for the elderly

WIZO helps the elderly cope with lifestyle changes and offers a new outlook on ageing. WIZO provides clubs, social groups and dedicated telephone support for senior groups.

Nahum: I cannot thank WIZO enough, they gave me my life.

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