The Day Care Centre at Barzilai Hospital needs major renovation

The Day Care Centre at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon sadly, due to its location, recently suffered damages from rocket shrapnel, followed by record breaking torrential rain that flooded the premises and caused further severe damage.

As the staff and children started to go back to normal, the coronavirus lockdown was instated and the Day Care Centre did what it does best – remained open for extended hours for the children of the committed medical teams and key staff of the hospital.

The Barzilai Day Care Centre offers high level education to children from families whose parents work in the hospital, and to a small number of others who have been referred by the local welfare office. Additionally, it has a close collaboration with the hospital’s Early Age Development Department, which sets it apart from other WIZO Day Care Centres. This special relationship allows medical experts and WIZO professionals to work together to improve the lives of children suffering from developmental delays. Every year, children who would otherwise fall through the cracks and remain untreated, are helped to overcome their challenges and thrive.

WIZO’s Day Care Centre at Barzilai Hospital desperately needs an upgrade to the existing bomb shelter, the building of a new shelter, renovation of the baby & toddler playgrounds, improvement of the drainage system to prevent flooding and repairs to its roof.

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