WIZO is committed to recognising
excellence in business and the wider community

The WIZO Commitment Awards seek to recognise those who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to changing lives and building futures. The awards, which are open to nominations of candidates of all faiths and communities, salute the impact and passion of individuals, organisations, businesses and corporates, who use their experience, skills or opportunities to make the world a better place.

Following the success of the previous two Commitment Awards programmes, the range of categories has been extended to encompass a wider variety of sectors and to uncover more inspiring individuals and situations.

As WIZO is about to enter its centenary year in 2018, the organisation is reflecting on how its work has evolved and the thousands of lives that have been improved through the decades. However, more importantly, WIZO is considering the thousands of vulnerable and disadvantaged Israeli citizens of all religions and cultures who, over the next 100 years, will depend on WIZO to help them become fulfilled individuals and contributing citizens.

Israel’s greatest resource is its people and WIZO’s legacy, moving from a life changing first century into all those that may follow, is a passionate commitment to continue weaving hope into the fabric of this diverse society. In never giving up on those who desperately need WIZO’s expertise, the work in building a stronger and more dynamic Israel continues.

How fitting it is therefore, that WIZO chooses to recognise those with vision and caring, who have dedicated energy and time to improving lives and benefiting society, extraordinary individuals whose legacy will also live on.

WIZO is looking for nominations in the following categories:

  • Commitment to Impacting the Future
  • Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Commitment to Social Enterprise
  • Commitment to the Betterment of Others (16-25 age group)
  • Commitment to Sharing Expertise and Creating Opportunities for Others
  • Commitment to Responsible & Balanced Reporting by the Media
  • Commitment to Growth through Music & the Arts
  • Commitment to Multiculturalism on Campus
  • Commitment to Vocational Training
  • Commitment to Education – Early Years
  • Commitment to Strengthening Parenting Skills
  • Commitment to Promoting Healthy Eating
  • Commitment to Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists and High-Tech Professionals
  • Commitment to Inspiring Women

All nominations will be very welcome. It may be that through your business network, family and friends, you can identify worthy candidates for the Commitment Awards 2018.

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For further information on the criteria for each of the categories and the nomination process, please go to: www.thejc.com/wizo or email: emma@wizouk.org or call 0207 319 9169.