In Israel, WIZO has many Day Care Centres based in hospitals. Here children are cared for in a warm, safe environment, whilst their parents concentrate on the needs of patients, and what is in many cases, life-saving work. It is imperative that medical professionals and key hospital workers are able to function and focus on their vital work.

These essential Day Care Centres must remain open whatever the crisis and WIZO has a commitment to keep them functioning, to ensure supplies, adequate staffing and appropriate levels of care.

In situations where Day Care Centres, outside of hospitals, have had to close due to coronavirus, and for whom WIZO has been the only hope of receiving a hot meal, WIZO is striving to ensure that those vulnerable and disadvantaged young children, continue to receive the nutritious meals they so desperately need.

Now, more than ever, WIZO needs your help to ensure that we are able to continue to support real needs at this critical time. Please donate now as much as you are able to, thank you.