The “Warm Home” Programmes for young women suffering from emotional neglect and living in vulnerable situations operates at the centres five days a week. Here they receive hot meals, counselling and social assistance, enabling them to build their self-confidence and increase self-esteem. Teenage girls at risk also take part in a variety of programmes to improve their sense of self-worth and perception of body image.

The ADI Programme, which supports girls at risk between the ages of 13 and 16, operates at our centre in Be’er Sheva. Most of the girls are runaways and come from abusive families. After attending the programme for a year or two, the girls are integrated back into society and school.

The Olive Tree Project, an exciting art initiative promoting peaceful co-existence and tolerance in Israel, originated at WIZO’s Community Centre in Afula. Thirty-five Israeli women aged 17-80, from all cultural and religious backgrounds, came together to paint olive trees depicting peace. This is the first of a series of initiatives showcasing the diversity of WIZO’s work.