Youth Centres & Youth Clubs

WIZO’s 50 youth centres and youth clubs across Israel provide disadvantaged and vulnerable teenagers with tutoring, guidance, pre-vocational training, communication, leadership, sport and science enrichment programmes, and training in music and the arts. Many of the centres also have a library, study centre and computer room. Young people are helped to develop their self-respect and self-esteem, and those at-risk are provided with specialist therapeutic facilities.

The Margaret Gold Music Centre in Tiberias was established in 1983. Today it is a hub for young people interested in studying music, regardless of their socio-economic background. The centre focuses on making music and social integration, where music lessons are offered to children as young as six.

As learning to play an instrument is expensive, this programme enables children from low income and immigrant families to study music, learn to play a variety of instruments at the centre’s outdoor auditorium, and perform at tours around the country and even outside Israel.

Every year children from low socio-economic and immigrant backgrounds are provided with a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programme at the Gruss Community Centre in Afula. Students participate in an educational and cultural programme which helps them to connect with their Jewish identity and feel part of Israeli society.