…for your upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

Looking forward to your big day and celebrating with your family and friends?

Why not mark this special time by raising some money and help the disadvantaged boys and girls in WIZO’s care who would not otherwise be able to celebrate their Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

You can help disadvantaged teenagers in forging their Jewish identity and celebrating the same milestone which you are about to reach. WIZO’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah programme strengthens awareness of Jewish heritage, develops productive members of society and ensures equal opportunities for all Israeli children.

Thousands of vulnerable young people in WIZO’s care would love to celebrate their Bar/Bat Mitzvah but without WIZO’s help will not be able to do so. Many, from single parent and immigrant families, have suffered bereavement or other family trauma

YOUR HELP will ensure these young people do not miss out on this significant milestone. 

Here are some fundraising ideas to get you started: 

Sponsored walk or even climb a mountain and get people to sponsor you

– Non-uniform day; speak to your school about not wearing uniform for a day and ask each child in the school to bring a £1 donation for WIZO

– Hold a bake sale and invite your neighbours to buy your baked goods

– Organise a five-a-side tournament for friends and family and raise money by charging an entry fee

Your money will provide:

Jewish heritage classes including Shabbat traditions

Aliyah to the Torah

Visit to a Jewish heritage site such as Jerusalem and the Kotel

Teaching the importance of Tikun Olam (improving the world) through community volunteering

A festive family celebration

Gifts of religious articles including tefillin, candlesticks & more 

If you are travelling to Israel we can arrange for you to join a WIZO Bar/ Bat Mitzvah celebration if taking place at that time. 

As a THANK YOU, you will receive a certificate, Siddur and a personal gift on the occasion of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah.