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The WIZO Men’s hotline for violent men struggling to control their rage and reaching out for help is now receiving around 1000 calls every year.

Many violent men lack the tools they need to cope with their temper. The unprecedented advice helpline, provides initial support and encouragement and guides the men towards the next best step to deal with their anger management.

Violent men’s actions impact the whole family with the children often developing emotional issues. 

Men can call the hotline anonymously without stigma or shame.


The Hotline costs £280,000 to run annually.  Just £20 will help to provide telephone counsellors and the language translation service necessary to support men of all backgrounds to control their anger and to protect women and children from domestic violence.

As we see a frightening increase across the globe in the levels of violence against women, WIZO is using its expertise in its 800 projects to protect women and girls of all races, religions and backgrounds from violence whilst empowering them to be the best they can be.