Women Leading The Way To A Better Future

….an initiative celebrating the value of women everywhere

Since 1918, WIZO has been campaigning for the rights of women, their safety in the home and on the streets and their equality in the workplace.  

WIZO’s vision has always been to empower women and girls of all races, religions and background, to develop self-belief and become the best version of themselves.  As WIZO’s social welfare work has expanded through the decades to 800 projects which address every social welfare need, at every stage of life, the commitment to support the evolving challenges facing women remains high on the agenda.

Today as we realise a frightening increase across the globe in the levels of violence against women, WIZO offers unique examples of action and achievement. The WIZO Rule recently passed in the Israeli Parliament, makes it law for any man proven to have been violent against a woman to undergo therapy.

The WIZO men’s hotline for those struggling to control their anger and reaching out for help is now receiving 3-4 times as many calls and callers and their families are being supported appropriately. These are just two of the measures that WIZO has championed and implemented effectively.  

WIZO operates 2 Women’s shelters in partnership with its Safety Net programme to ensures that when women leave the shelters, it continues to support and care for them – enabling them to leave the abuse, fear and isolation they have experienced and live safe, successful, happy lives.  

The Adi Centre in Beer Sheva, a city home to a diverse populatioof native Israelis, Bedouin tribes, Russian and Ethiopian immigrants and recently Ukrainian refugees is a facility for girls who are at high risk from deprived and problematic families.  Many have been living on the streets, forced into prostitution and drugs.  They have very little or no self-esteem.  For many of the girls attending The Adi Centre, this is the first time they haveexperienced a setting that is warm, welcoming and understanding of their needs. They feel safe and valued, are offered learning and training in vocational and life skills and receive clothes, toiletries and school supplies.

The programme supports them to break the downward cycle and build productive and happy lives.  The building is very run down and needs refurbishing to ensure a safe environment so that WIZO can continue providing these women and children with the protection, love and provisions they need.  

Funds raised will go towards refurbishing the facility and to providing these vital programmes for which many of these women is their last chance. WIZO is an organisation established by women, driven by women and enabling women to believe in themselves and lead the way to a better future for all.  Please help us to continue to provide women and girls with the kindness, skills and tools they need to feel safe and become contributing citizens.