Today as we realise a frightening increase across the globe in the levels of violence against women, WIZO offers unique examples of action and achievement. The WIZO Rule recently passed in the Israel Parliament, makes it law for any man proven to have been violent against a woman to undergo therapy. The WIZO men’s hotline for those struggling to control their anger and reaching out for help is now receiving 3-4 times as many calls and callers and their families are being supported appropriately. WIZO’s successful lobbying for a Bill legislating equal pay for equal work. These are just three of the measures that WIZO has championed and implemented effectively.

WIZO’s many projects and programmes for the protection, education and development of women aim to ensure they reach their full potential, becoming fulfilled individuals and contributing citizens.

Exacerbated by Covid-19, the current level of violence against women and inequality in the workplace illustrates the importance of shining a light on the value of women and their contribution across every spectrum of society. Who better to do this than WIZO, an organisation established by women, driven by women, and enabling women to believe in themselves and lead the way to a better future for all.

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